In which I am the butt of the joke

Kayla and Zach walked towards the car, tired from all of the walking and all of the country air.  She had her arm around him, rubbing his back as they walked.  Without warning Kayla grabbed the camera out of Zach’s hand.
“You’ve been taking pictures of me all afternoon,” she said.  “My turn.”
Zach shrugged and walked down the stairs a little bit, turned around and squinted as he smiled.
“No, turn around and walk down the stairs.  I want an action shot.”
As easygoing as he was attractive, Zach naturally acquiesced.  He threw up his hands in victory for no reason.
“Perfect,” Kayla said as she snapped the shot.


It was later, and they were back in the car headed home to Queens.  As he tried to divine some logic from the cryptic google map directions, Kayla couldn’t take it any more.  She burst out laughing.
“You idiot,” she said as she reached out behind his back.  He heard the scratchy tearing of a sticker being pulled off his shirt.
“You bi-,” he started to say, but was drowned out by her cackling laughter.
“Marriage,” he sighed with a smile.